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Our company, Unique Pioneer Trading & Contracting (UP), had a presence in Saudi Arabia for many years and our growth continues serving the Oil & Gas and IT infrastructure sectors. We have the main head office in Dammam city and significant projects presence in Saudi Arabia. We focus on expanding our presence in the Kingdom & Gulf region to support our projects throughout these areas. Our partnership with leading companies offers additional prospective for our future growth.

UP has become a well-known in telecommunications sectors in the region focusing on development, design, supply and installation of communications systems and providing clients with professional engineering services. To ensure success, UP uses the combined knowledge and experiences of its entire staff to drive each project through completion. UP diversified its business into wireless & satellite communications systems, data network & transmission systems, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) System as well as Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring System in both Government and Private Corporate Enterprise.

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About Us

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our value

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Our Services - Pioneer Company Saudi Arabia

UPTC provides a wide range of engineering consulting, construction & management services and state of the art telecom equipment to our clients, ranging from turn-key telecommunications projects to performing specific engineering activity on a stand-alone basis.
  • 1. Network Engineering Design

    UPTC provides system design and integration services for wireless and transmission systems. We have developed solutions for VHF/UHF radios, TETRA/TDMA trunked radio, Wireless SCADA

  • 2. RF Planning Studies

    We have the expertise, work experience and planning tools to design complex wireless radio network including TETRA, APCO-25, Wi-Fi, VSAT and WiMAX, digital microwave

  • 3. System Implementation, Integration and Optimization

    At UPTC, we pay strict attention to detail. First we determine how each component of your system will interact with others, improve system defecinies, eliminating delays to improve the quality

  • 4. Radio Frequency Measurement and Safety Compliance

    UPTC provides a full set of testing and data collection tools and services to help optimize your network performance to ensure system meets all CITC Compliance Mandatory requirements.

  • 5. Project Inspection Services

    UPTC Inspection Services is a full service inspection that provides Quality Assurance & Quality Control services to Oil and Gas industries. Our expertise and experiences makes us one of a competitive Company

  • 6. Operation and Maintenance

    Our core operation & maintenance services covers TETRA, GSM, UMTS, WIMAX, VSAT systems, CP and SCADA wireless networks to our customers.

Our Solutions

We have some unique solutions.

UPTC has been helping local governments, municipalities, private companies by providing efficient and reliable communication systems.

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As one of the system integrator Companies in Saudi Arabia, UPTC has built a reputation in the industr

TETRA Radio System

UPTC TETRA solution for Oil & Gas industries offers dedicated and reliable communication system

VSAT System

UPTC provides technical supports that are, in general, defined as VSAT system engineering

SCADA & CP Systems

A reliable and secure data communication system is the backbone of any modern SCADA

In-building Radio Coverage Solution

We have experience of installing in-building system for indoor coverage ranging

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