Network Engineering Design

Network Engineering Design

UP provides system design and integration services for wireless and transmission systems. We have developed solutions for VHF/UHF radios, TDMA trunked radio, SCADA, Cathodic Protection, Leak Detection, Aviation, VHF pipeline and maritime radio systems as well as satellite communication for voice and data applications. We have experience in designing wireless, microwave, terrestrial and satellite communication systems as well as integration of the new services to existing corporate backbone system.

Our engineering teams are competent in the full requirement for realization of the Customer’s solution of the following services:

  • Mobile Radio Networks (TETRA, PMR, GSM, UMTS, LTE..)
  • Microwave Networks Design (PMP, PTM, WiMAX)
  • Satellite VSAT Network Design (Gateway, Remote, etc.)
  • Transmission Networks
  • SCADA for oil & gas applications
  • Cathodic Protection for oil & gas application
  • Leak Detection System application

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