System Training Services

System Training Services

UP’s industrial communications training is offered in a wide variety of platforms and topics for both UHF and VSAT systems to provide flexibility in time, location and skill level. From attendance in on-site classroom courses to factory training course attendance and customized courses, UP’s training provides customers with high-quality knowledge to be safe, efficient and successful in industrial wireless communications. This training is ideal for end users, engineers, system operators or anyone who is responsible for the design and maintenance of UHF radio and VSAT wireless data network.

Factory Training Courses

Scheduled training classes are offered at regular intervals throughout the year at the manufacturer technical training facility located in USA and Europe. The technical training center contains equipment for hands-on interaction with wireless communications products, test tools, and computers. Training class sizes are kept small so instructors can interact with each student. Students receive comprehensive course manuals, with course notes that include lab exercises.

Customer Site Training Courses

To increase the number of employees who can benefit from our training, UPTC offers the option of conducting training courses in person at customer facilities. These on-site courses can be customized to a specific range of topics.

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